Bye Simplenote Welcome Logseq

| Sep 8, 2022

I hope this is my final settle, I switched from Simplenote to Logseq. I switched from it beacuse of it’s minimal features. It doesn’t have formating, for example. But, my main reason was that i cant really organise my notes with tags. I like to link them. So that’s where Logseq comes in play, I love Obsidian (but it’s not open-source, for those who doesn’t know). So I was happy when I found out about Logseq, it’s really nice note-taking app. It’s journals feature is very useful for seeing your tasks for today. I’m gonna talk more about my workflow in seperate post. Really, only problem for me was that it doesn’t have web clipper. But, I fixed it with using Raindrop. It is also open-source program, which is very big plus from me. Okay, I think that’s it.