Finding Open Source Note Taking

| Aug 15, 2022

Right now, I’m using Obsidian as my note taking app. But, there is only one problem with it and that problem is that it’s not open-source. This shouldn’t be very concerning, because if you don’t use Obsidian Sync feature and save your notes on HDD.

Today, I searched for open-source note taking app like Obsidian. I only found LogSeq which is really great app, but it’s not for me really. I like simplicity of Obsidian and when I use LogSeq I really feel that it’s cluttered.

I tried to switch to vimwiki, which really great worked for me, but when I study for JNCIA-SEC I love to have pictures in my notes.

So, I think I’m gonna stick to Obsidian for while.

If you have any suggestions you can send it by mail or Discord(JovanovicLuka#1700).